Genshin Impact leak showcases possible underground exploration of Sumeru’s desert area

Sumeru is a nation of contrasts, characterized by the stark division between its rainforest and desert regions. These regions are known to house different people, beliefs, cultures, and conflicts, resulting in various disagreements between their people. While players were able to explore the rainforest expanse that stretches from the Avidya Forest to Vanarana, the desert […]

Fans to hold vigil for a Final Fantasy XIV voice actor who passed away last year

Last year, Stephen Critchlow, a voice actor known for his work in Doctor Who audio dramas and Final Fantasy XIV passed away at age 54. The actor, who portrayed Edmont de Fortemps in Final Fantasy XIV was honored with a vigil in-game as players gathered at the Fortemps manor in Ishgard to celebrate his life. This […]

The story for Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion is already written according to the game’s director

Endwalker may only be mid-patch cycle, but the story for Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion is already written. The news that Final Fantasy XIV’s 7.0 expansion had just concluded its story writers’ residential was revealed during the podcast From Eorzea with Love. A translation was posted on Reddit by user u/MKillerby During the podcast, the […]

Genshin Impact leak reveals possible Monstadt event coming in Version 3.1

Genshin Impact version 3.1 is expected to arrive on Sept. 28, 2022, bringing with it more updates to the nation of wisdom, Sumeru. However, beyond rainforest and desert exploration, leakers also revealed that the update may bring players back to the beginning of their adventure with a huge event called the Weinlesefest, a festival that […]

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