Best Minecraft Mushroom Island Seeds (September 2022)

We're looking at some of the best Mushroom Island seeds you can enjoy when you start up your next game of Minecraft! These lists are in high demand because they provide safer spawns than any other biome, since hostile mobs do not spawn on Mycelium blocks. In fact, the only mobs that spawn on these biomes are Mooshrooms and Bats! This means you can safely build whatever you want on the island without worrying about being attacked.

We searched far and wide for these rare spawns and put the best of them in our list below. Some of these are chosen based on their size, some based on appearance, and some are chosen because they provide not only a nice Mushroom Island spawn, but several other conveniences!

Best Minecraft Mushroom Island Seeds List

Best Minecraft 1.19 Mushroom Island Seeds

Shipwrecks Around Sharktooth Island

Image via Chunkbase

Seed: -3066707496599231880

We call this seed Sharktooth Island because of the peculiar shape of the Mushroom Island that is only a couple hundred blocks away from spawn. Although you might seek out Mushroom Islands because of their ample food resources and lack of mob spawning, privateers would be foolish to ignore the clear curse that masks the island. There are over 40 Shipwrecks surrounding Sharktooth Island and 13 Ocean Monuments, which certainly hints at some kind of dastardly luck for anyone who dares approach the cursed location.

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Mushroom Island: 15 390Mushroom Island: 15 390
Shipwreck: -136 664Shipwreck: 600 -168
Shipwreck: -136 248Shipwreck: 616 56
Ocean Monument: -312 200Ocean Monument: -328 664
Ocean Monument: -728 168Ocean Monument: 744 280

A Very Humid World

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 29000163

The area surrounding spawn in this world is packed with humid or hot environments, including a big Mushroom Island (roughly 1,000 by 1,000 blocks in area) only a couple hundred blocks from spawn. Once you've established your base on the mob-free Mushroom Island, saddle up and explore the rest of the surrounding area to find many other warm biomes like Deserts, Mangrove Swamps, and Jungles!

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Mushroom Island: 50 0Mushroom Island: 50 0
Shipwreck: -88 184Shipwreck: 56 152
Shipwreck: 56 72Shipwreck: -232 -328
Ocean Monument: -248 -280Ocean Monument: -152 -168
Ocean Monument: 808 376Ocean Monument: 760 56

Mushroom Rorshach Test

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Code: -2371172034543136718

This is one the most interesting Mushroom seeds we have seen in Minecraft 1.19 so far, as it contains a large Mushroom Island landmass that looks like a Rorshach test. It is not only an interesting shape—it's also massive! When you include the smaller islands, this Mushroom Island spreads over 2000 blocks, which is extremely rare near the spawn. When you consider the numerous structures and biomes nearby, this should be your first go-to if you're looking for 1.19 Mushroom seeds.

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Village: 720 -384Village: 808 120
Shipwreck: 680 -536Shipwreck: 472 8
Shipwreck: 408 -376Shipwreck: 504 -616
Mushroom Island: 350 -400Mushroom Island: 350 -400
Ocean Monument: 664 200Ocean Monument: 584 -632

Multiple Mushroom Monuments

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 7913039298569672318

The Mushroom Island near spawn on this seed is not the only enticing part about it: there are also over a dozen Ocean Monuments in the large Ocean surrounding the Mushroom Island. In fact, you may run into one of them on your way from Spawn to the to the monumental Mushroom Island. We've provided the locations for a few of them below, but you'll have to explore this amazing seed yourself if you want to find the rest!

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Mushroom Island: -305 -149Mushroom Island: -305 -149
Ocean Monument: 152 -216Ocean Monument: 248 -296
Ocean Monument: -328 -776Ocean Monument: -184 -392
Ocean Monument: -872 -232Ocean Monument: --248 -712
Ocean Monument: -312 344Ocean Monument: -712 -232

Mushrooms on the Coral Reef

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 137000608

Enjoy the best of both form and function in this Minecraft seed where you spawn a short boat trip away from a Mushroom Island that branches into a beautiful Coral Reef. If you're looking for a peaceful beginning to your game but struggle to get beautiful scenery (a common problem on Mushroom Island maps), you can remedy that problem with this seed. Add some color to your world while you stay safe from mobs!

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Mushroom Island: 225 -400Mushroom Island: 225 -400
Jungle Temple: 568 -936Village: 680 -1016
Shipwreck: 664 -632Jungle Temple: 1032 -712
Ocean Monument: 632 -264Ocean Monument: 200 168
Shipwreck: 792 -712Shipwreck: 536 -568

Mushroom Island Drift

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 36000036

We chose this seed as the best Mushroom seed for Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock because it starts you close to a fascination geological formation that you're not likely to see in any other seed. A few hundred blocks away from spawn is a large Mushroom island that seems to have broken apart and drifted into several smaller segments. Many of these segments are surrounded in ice, which makes one wonder just how this drift was possible. When you combine the rarity of the formation and the myriad of structures near spawn, this is a great way to start The Wilds update!

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Mushroom Island: 325 -30Mushroom Island: 325 -30
Ocean Monument: 56 168Ocean Monument: 232 328
Village: -208 304Shipwreck: 424 408
Ocean Monument: 744 -168Shipwreck: 136 504
Shipwreck: 392 232Ocean Monument: 696 -440

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Best Minecraft Mushroom Island Seeds (September 2022)

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