Genshin Impact: Dragonspine lore, explained

Genshin Impact’s first additional region, Dragonspine Mountain, excited fans in when it was released in Version 1.2. So much so, that they may have skipped over much of its lore while searching for stone tablets or climbing to its peak. Don’t worry. If you missed out, we’ve got an abridged version right here for you. […]

Roblox Anime Story Beginner’s Guide – Anime Story Tips and Tricks

Anime Story is a fascinating Anime game on Roblox, full of adventure, epic battles, and magic. Explore the open world and interact with recognizable Anime characters to complete quests. As you take down enemies, you will build your character with increased stats and new powerful Abilities and gear. Once you gain enough power, you can […]

All Vehicles and customization options in Modern Warfare 2 beta

While traditionally not used within competitive shooters due to the relatively small map sizes, Call of Duty has been branching into vehicles more and more as the series goes on. The Modern Warfare 2 beta boasts an impressive number of vehicles from family sedans to tanks and choppers to patrol boats. These don’t actually play […]

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