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All leaked details about the Genshin Impact TCG

Genshin Impact hasn’t introduced a permanent mini-game since fishing in Version 2.1. However, characters such as Arataki Itto and Kamisato Ayato have mentioned that a trading card game, Genius Invokation, exists in Teyvat. Recently, Genshin Impact leakers have indicated that this TCG may be added to the game soon as a permanent playable feature. Related: […]

Genshin Impact Codes – get FREE Primos! (September 2022)

Genshin Impact is an extremely popular gacha game, and with each new update, you’ll receive multiple banners that you can spend your well-earned Primogems on. These Primogems are essential for unlocking brand-new characters in the world of Teyvat that just dropped or even trying to get a 5-Star fancy weapon to really boost the build […]

How to level up your Battle Pass quickly in Genshin Impact

Genshin players complete objectives for various reasons. Perhaps they enjoy the adventure, or they like facing challenges. However, there is one motivation that every Genshin player shares, one driving force that persuades all kinds of people to complete objectives. Whether it’s Intertwined Fate, Primogems, or Hero’s Wit, rewards are a universal motivation, and the Battle […]

Who is Columbina in Genshin Impact?

The Fatui Harbingers are ranked by strength, whether that be thier combat prowess or their access to power within Snezhnaya and Teyvat. Out of eleven Damselette, or Columbina, ranks third. Here’s what we know her: Who is Columbina from Genshin Impact? Damselette goes by the codename Columbina, from the Commedia dell’arte. Columbina means “little dove.” […]

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