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FFXIV raiders were using cheated waymarks – Square Enix had a unique response

One of the most surprising revelations during the Sep. 12 update to Final Fantasy XIV was Square Enix telling players that there had been a series of “illegitimate waymarks” used during the clearing of Abyssos: The Seventh Circle (Savage). This revealed in a post on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone page late on Sep. 12. […]

What is Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion? Release date, platforms, gameplay details, and more!

The rumored announcement expected during the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Event turned out to be true. A remake of the 2007 PSP hit, Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, is upon us! Let’s take a look at what we know about the rapidly approaching RPG. Everything we know about FFVII Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy […]

Fans to hold vigil for a Final Fantasy XIV voice actor who passed away last year

Last year, Stephen Critchlow, a voice actor known for his work in Doctor Who audio dramas and Final Fantasy XIV passed away at age 54. The actor, who portrayed Edmont de Fortemps in Final Fantasy XIV was honored with a vigil in-game as players gathered at the Fortemps manor in Ishgard to celebrate his life. This […]

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