How to use the Strange Parchment in Genshin Impact – Luxurious Chest puzzle guide

The Strange Parchment is a Quest Item that you’ll get after completing the World Quest called Royinjan’s Chapter: Linga in the Vimana Agama questline. Upon reading it, you’ll find a map that marks the locations of a few checkpoints, as well as the final treasure. Solving this puzzle will merit you a plethora of rewards, […]

Collei’s Special Dish Recipe and how to cook it in Genshin Impact

Collei is a cheerful and passionate Trainee Forest Ranger under Tighnari’s tutelage, learning about the world while helping others in need. As someone who experienced unimaginable suffering from the Archon Residue Experiment, she spent most of her childhood wandering around and being observed by the Fatui. Even so, she eventually learned how to read and […]

Genshin Impact leak showcases possible underground exploration of Sumeru’s desert area

Sumeru is a nation of contrasts, characterized by the stark division between its rainforest and desert regions. These regions are known to house different people, beliefs, cultures, and conflicts, resulting in various disagreements between their people. While players were able to explore the rainforest expanse that stretches from the Avidya Forest to Vanarana, the desert […]

Tighnari’s Special Dish Recipe and how to cook it in Genshin Impact

Forest Watcher Tighnari is the Avidya Forest’s ever-reliable guardian, helping its fauna thrive while guiding lost tourists out of danger. Despite being a well-respected Amurta researcher, he chose to take on a more practical route in saving the forest. Part of his duties include watching over Trainee Forest Rangers like Collei, and that includes teaching […]

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