What is Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion? Release date, platforms, gameplay details, and more!

The rumored announcement expected during the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Event turned out to be true. A remake of the 2007 PSP hit, Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, is upon us! Let’s take a look at what we know about the rapidly approaching RPG. Everything we know about FFVII Crisis Core Reunion Final Fantasy […]

Fortnite Leaked Skins & Cosmetics List (Chapter 3 Season 3)

If you’re looking for a roundup of all the new Fortnite Leaked Skins, you’ll find them listed below! Fortnite Cosmetics Leaks can come out in multiple different ways. They are usually found via data mining, but sometimes platforms accidentally reveal them early, and promotional images will sometimes hit the web. This post will be updated whenever more are datamined or […]

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