Splatoon 3 – Little Buddy Hairstyles

Splatoon 3 is a game bursting at the seams with customization. From your inkling’s hairstyle to their garments and from their locker to their emotes, there are dozens upon dozens of options. But those choices aren’t just limited to your character. Players can also customize the Salmonid that accompanies the player throughout the single-player campaign. […]

Best PvE Weapons in Destiny 2

It could be argued that weapons are the heart and soul of Destiny 2. They are the primary way that Guardians interact with the world. From shooting aliens to get more guns to shooting puzzles to unlock more aliens to shoot for more guns, it’s a rich and robust system. It could also be argued […]

Who are the Cabal in Destiny 2? – Lore

The Destiny series is no stranger to fantastic alien races as it lives squarely in the realm of science fiction. One such alien race that has undergone quite the shift is the Cabal. A proud militaristic race of what are essentially space rhinos, the Cabal are first encountered on Mars in the original Destiny. From […]

When do shops reset in Splatoon 3?

Many online and live-service games utilize some form of a daily reset for various purposes. In the case of Splatoon 3, it is to refresh the inventory for the various shops. Because rather than make everything available all at once, Nintendo, like many others, believes player engagement can be driven up with the use of […]

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